A Little Food for Thought

A good mattress and foundation set should last approximately 7-10 years. Be sure to consider your purchase as an investment in your health. Skip the lowest price and find the best value with value being a combination of quality and price. Just because it is extremely expensive does not make it extremely good or good for YOU.

Sleep is essential "nutrient" for all aspects of your life. A lack of sleep can contribute to lack of energy, irritability, and generally poor health. The spine works hard all day supporting the body and therefore a period of rest is essential to maintain this activity. A good mattress maintains the natural alignment of the spine which means muscles are more relaxed and sleep is more refreshing.

The old saying that "firmer is better" is not necessarily true. A mattress that is "too firm" does not support the body evenly. However, a mattress that is "too soft" prevents proper alignment of the spine. So the saying is true; it needs to be "just right" for YOU.

If one of OUR bedding consultants tells you that a certain mattress is not designed with a certain customer in mind, I would suggest that you believe them. We know that most people don't want to spend any more money than necessary, and we are good with that. However, we want you to buy a product that will give you support, comfort, and longevity at a fair price.

We don't want to sell you just 1 bed. We want you to tell all your family and friends to shop with us. That's how we built our business and that is why we are working with the third generation of customer's.
Beds (also referred to as bedsteads) consist of a headboard, footboard, and rails that connect the two together. They are an integral part of the mattress and foundation(s) support system. Be sure you're Queen or King size has a center support as stated before (see Bed Frames).

Headboards are usually attached to a free standing bed frame that supports the mattress and foundation(s). Although they are mainly for decoration, they will add a lot of style to a bedroom as well as protecting your walls.
AIR BEDS (Those "Number" bed things)
When you hear about how they can adjust from "feather soft to extra firm", they really sound great. They tell you that you don't have to compromise comfort between you and your bed mate; each of you can have the comfort that you want. Wow, what a fantastic idea!

Then comes the reality! First, air compresses. So what you say? That means that no matter how much air is in the mattress (or lack thereof), when you put your weight on the air chamber, it is going to get firm very quickly. There is no increasing support like you will find in innerspring or foam mattresses. It is all at once! Without a lot of cushioning on top of the air chambers, the bed is probably not going to feel like what you had envisioned.

Second, they don't discuss all of the things that can go wrong with the bed. Just like a luxury car, the more gadgets you have on it the more likely something will go wrong. Air pump motors go bad, the valve that lets air in and out of the air chambers stick or break, the hoses that carry the air from the pump to the air chambers can crack and/or dry rot, plus the air chambers can leak.

These are some of the reasons that people who purchase this type bed are more prone to return the bed and/or will not buy another. Oh yes, there are exceptions to everything, but these observations are based on over 40 years of experience.
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